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Friday, February 25, 2011

Travel News Roundup

This week in travel...

  • KLM has created this hidden camera video to promote its new Europe Business Class seating that gives passengers additional personal space on European flights... would you react the same way?
  • Kayakers near the English lake of Bowness recently photographed a rare aquatic "monster."  Could it be Nessie's cousin?
  • Coming soon:  a new airline that will maximize your Las Vegas party weekend, with a club atmosphere and celebrity safety briefings on board. 
  • With the price of oil nearing $100 a barrel, airfares are expected to continue to rise. Meanwhile, airlines are posting their highest profits in the past ten years.  
  • Scenes from Christchurch's 6.3 aftershock.  Regarding planned travel to New Zealand, Tourism New Zealand has released the following statement: "Travellers planning to visit NZ are advised that the emergency declared applies only to the Christchurch area and does not have any direct impact on other areas of NZ. As a precaution, you are advised to check with your airline or travel agent before commencing travel in case of delays."
  • Egypt's Tahrir Square is becoming a tourist destination for the few tourists venturing back to Cairo. 
Each Friday, we gather the week's news articles relating to luxury travel and trending topics that sparked our interest.  If you see an article that you'd like to share, please email!

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