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Friday, April 29, 2011

Our London Favorites

The Athenaeum
photo by Martin Addison
They’ll be sweeping up the rose petals in London after this morning’s spectacular show (nevermind the dress—those trees in Westminster Abbey!  Love!), so we’ll take this moment to post our FROSCH best of London list. 

No matter your feelings about the royal wedding, today has been an excellent reminder of London’s value as a tourist destination.  And the Brits have proven that they can pull off big public events, which is a good reputation to have when preparing for the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee and, on an even grander note, the Summer Olympics in 2012.  Whether you go for one of these events, or schedule a trip to avoid the crowds, here are our recommendations for your visit.

Hotels:  There are so, so many, but we like The Athenaeum (charming and great for families),
Covent Garden Hotel (stylish and good if you want easy access to nightlife and theatre), and
The Stafford London (historic and home to the "Worlds Best Concierge"). 

  We love Lewis Day Limo -- not only do they shuttle you efficiently wherever you need to go in the confusing streets of London, but they also have an array of fascinating tours, led by certified Blue Badge guides.  Our favorites?  The Legal and Medical Tour of London (for the dorks-and-proud-of-it amongst us) and the Horses for Courses tour, which ends with a horseback ride through Hyde Park. 

Or go beyond London with the Harry Potter Journey from Celebrated Experiences where you can discover the sets and filming locations of Hogwards, Diagon Alley, and the rest of the wizarding world.  The final film installment will come out this summer… what better way to wrap up the end of an era than by seeing it all for yourself?

If you decide to go it on your own, be sure to check out this list of concierge recommendations.  Don't overlook London's extensive network of parks-- they're free to the public and an excellent way to get a unique perspective on the city. 

Restaurants: Like the hotel conundrum, there are too many to choose from, but a quick survey among our FROSCH UK experts reveal Babylon, Dishoom and Hix as a few that stand out.

What's on your "best of London" list?

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