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Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Hotels for Pets

photo by ftzdomino
A new era of luxury travel has arrived... for our pets. Rather than fretting about whether the pet sitter gives the puppy just the right amount of attention and care-- or worrying about kennel-related illnesses-- some pet owners are choosing to board their furry friends in posh pet hotels... or bring them along for the ride.

For those who think a vacation is only as good as one's travel partner, there's PAW, a website that reviews pet-friendly hotels around the world. A number of hotels lure animal-loving guests with special amenities-- gourmet dog biscuits, complementary leashes, and walking services.  Pets can even join in on the family fun at Walt Disney World's Luxury Pet Resort

Airports, too, accommodate traveling pets and service animals with grassy relief areas or, in some instances, state-of-the-art animal lounges like the one at the Frankfurt airport , which took in everything from horses to geckos during the disruption caused by the Eyjafjallajokull volcano last year.

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