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Friday, August 26, 2011

Irene disrupts East Coast travel plans

As Hurricane Irene targets the eastern seaboard, here are some useful resources in case your travel plans are affected by the storm.

FLIGHT WAIVERS:  With the likelihood of disrupted flights, many airlines have issued waivers, exempting travelers from change fees in cases where their travel plans are disrupted by the storm. Check with your airline or travel agent for more info.

CLOSURES: Many airports and ports, from the Bahamas to New England, have closed or will close in anticipation of potential power outages, storm surge, and wind damage. Check with your travel agent or directly with your airline or cruise line prior to traveling to or from the affected areas.

TRAVEL TIPS:  If you’re in the hurricane’s path and stranded without a place to stay, try to nab a special “hurricane rate” that many hotels (including certain Fairmont and Hyatt properties, among others) are offering while they have space available. If you’ve planned a trip that’s had to be cancelled due to the storm, try asking your hotel or tour operator to waive the normal cancellation fee due to extenuating circumstances. Although it’s now too late to buy a policy to cover Irene, if you already have travel insurance, check to see if you’re covered. 

Remember that FROSCH offers an after-hours service to assist our customers during a travel emergency or outside of normal business hours. Keep that number close by and we'll do everything we can to get you home safely.

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