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Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Tips to Avoid Jet Lag

Flickr photo credit: Sean MacEntee
Few things are more disappointing than the hazy blur of jet lag that can ruin the first few days of your overseas holiday. There's a number of approaches to preventing jet lag. Try these tips next time you fly.

Try to sleep
Bring your own pillow, blanket, and eye mask unless you're lucky enough to fly premium class where lie-flat beds and cozy amenities are the norm. If that's not enough...

Pick your poison 
Some swear by melatonin, a stiff drink, Tylenol PM, or a dose of something stronger to bring on the airplane zzz's. Closer to landing, mainstream the caffeine, drink lots of water, and do some laps around the cabin to wake up.

Mind over matter 
Unless you're calling home frequently, avoid the mindset of marvelling over the time difference ("If I was at home, I would just now be waking up..."). Embrace the reality of your travels and try not to think about your own time zone until the plane ride home. 

Take it easy
On your first day at your destination, chill out and take things slow. Check into your hotel, go for a stroll, eat a light dinner, have a bath and go to bed. The key to this is proper planning: afternoon arrivals are best for this approach. 

Power through it 
When your arrival time is early morning, dig into denial and ignore your jet lag symptoms with the cheery hope that it will be better the next day. Note: due to the disorientation of crossing time zones, or worse, the international date line, it may not actually hit you until the next day. 

Good luck!

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