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Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Strike & Protest News

The following strikes and protests have the potential to snarl your travel plans; check with your FROSCH Travel agent if you're traveling to any of these affected regions.

Germany – through Feb 24: The Frankfurt strike has been extended until Feb. 24th. However, only 10-15% of flights are affected (approximately 150 of 1200 daily), mainly domestic and short-haul European. 

Italy – Feb 24: The strike is going to concern many airlines and Italian airports according to the Infrastructure & Transportation Ministry. The airlines which will join the strike are: Alitalia, AirOne, Air Berlin, easyJet, Ryanair, Wind Jet & Wizz Air. Rome air traffic will be hit hard, due to all Alitalia crew striking from 10am-6pm, with cancellations and delays for many flights. 

Greece (Athens) – Feb 22: Demonstrations are expected to take place on 22 February from 6pm in Syntagma Square, central Athens. Demonstrations take place regularly around Syntagma Square in central Athens; the police have recently used tear gas to disperse demonstrators in the square. Travelers are urged to steer clear of the demonstrations. 

Russia (Moscow) – Feb 26: The opposition is to stage a flash mob on February 26 after a protest was rejected by the authorities. “We failed to reach an agreement [with Moscow City Hall]. The demonstration organizers decided that the Feb 26 protest will be held in the form of a flash mob, a public gathering supported by State Duma deputies who will ensure safety,” a spokesman for the For Fair Elections movement said. The flash mob is to be held at Revolution Square. Also on Sunday, the opposition is planning a separate protest. 34,000 people will join hands along the entire 16-km length of the circular Garden Ring road in central Moscow to “encircle the Kremlin.”

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