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Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Best and worst of airports

Don't you just love airports?  No?  Well, some of us think they're okay.  The people-watching opportunities, the Cinnabon runs, the trashy magazines from the airport newsstands, the lounges if we're lucky.  The last-ditch slot machines at the end of a Vegas weekend.

 Of course, that's the rose-colored view that quickly dissipates whenever the topics of TSA security, tight connections, ash clouds, blizzards, or inexplicable, interminable layovers come up.  And all airports are not created equal:  Forbes ranks them by the qualities that travelers appreciate, such as comfort, modern amenities, and the array of services offered.  Did you know you can spend a layover playing mini golf, getting a makeover, or swimming laps? 

Sadly, not a single American hub made the "best of" list, but quite a few appeared among the world's worst airports.  

How to make the most out of your next airport foray? If you're on Twitter, don't just follow your airline's customer service department-- tweet the airport itself for tips on where to dine, how to transfer between terminals, weather updates, and other breaking info.  Check out our Twitter Airports list to see which airports have teams of efficient and friendly twitterers.  

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