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Monday, June 20, 2011

Ever dreamed of a destination wedding?

Torn between eloping and sending in your video audition to Bridezillas? Why not find a happy medium—say, a dream destination wedding meticulously planned by the experts at Little Palm Island Resort & Spa?

They specialize in small, intimate weddings with no more than 40 guests (no children under 16, please), all personalized to the happy couple’s wishes. Would you rather get married on the white sand beach, or do you prefer a sunset dock ceremony? Got specific dining requests or wedding cake dreams you need fulfilled? The team of wedding specialists, culinary pros, and pastry chefs will make it happen.

Even if the wedding happens elsewhere, there’s always an island honeymoon to look forward to. 

Don’t forget that we at FROSCH offer exclusive Signature rates and amenities you won’t find elsewhere.

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