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Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Saving the world, one bar of soap at a time.

How can soap save the world? And how can you, as a traveler, help the cause?  The Global Soap Project “raises awareness about the lack of sanitation and its consequences in many parts of the world.” By recycling unused soap left behind by hotel guests after their stay, the Project not only brings a means of sanitation to the developing world, but also diverts tons of waste from landfills around the US.

The nonprofit organization collects, sorts, cleans, and reprocesses soap, then ships it to populations in refugee camps, impoverished villages, and disaster zones—where access to clean water and soap can mean life or death when it comes to preventing infectious disease.

Find out if a hotel you’ve stayed out is participating—here’s a full list. It’s great to see a lot of FROSCH Preferred and Signature hotels on that list, like the Grand Hyatt Buckhead in Atlanta, the Ritz-Carltons in Ft. Lauderdale and Palm Beach, Florida, and the Greenwich Hotel in New York, just to name a few!

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