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Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Four Seasons celebrates 50 years by giving back

To celebrate its 50th anniversary, Four Seasons Hotels and Resorts has launched an initiative to give back to the local communities that support its 84 properties around the world. Its Living Values program is made up of three parts: Supporting Sustainability, to protect and enhance the environment; Building Communities, which enhances public health, education, and local economies; and Advancing Cancer Research.  CEO Kathleen Taylor says it’s the “Golden Rule,” the principle that guides Four Seasons' exemplary record of service, “that inspires us to give back to others.”

If a commitment to plant 10 million trees worldwide wasn’t enough, they’re also embracing “voluntourism” this summer. That means that travelers can take part in giving back to the community they’re visiting. Four Seasons coordinates these efforts, which range from planting coconut trees in Koh Samui to volunteering for the Vatsalya Foundation, which provides education and healthcare to many of Mumbai’s street children.  Closer to home, Four Seasons opens the door for guests wishing to make a difference in their own backyard—from helping protect trees in Yellowstone National Park to donating toys to patients at Chicago’s Children’s Memorial Hospital.

These efforts not only let guests get an in-depth knowledge and a new perspective on their destination, but also contribute to far-reaching effects, helping local communities improve their economy, public health and environment.  

Hats off to Four Seasons for their commitment to do good in their local communities and worldwide. And congratulations on the big 5-0!

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