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Tuesday, October 4, 2011

"Hotel Hell"

Gordon Ramsay has left the kitchen.  He'll soon launch a new show that will bring his makeovers to the travel industry as he takes on struggling hotels, inns, and B&Bs with his traditional tough-love approach.

The series, titled "Hotel Hell," will air on Fox and will follow Ramsay and his team of hospitality experts as they bring their expertise to hotels that are circling the drain. Ramsay is no stranger to the hospitality business: he studied hotel management and owns several of hotel-based restaurants.

Like his show "Kitchen Nightmares," "Hotel Hell" promises any number of "I didn't need to see that" moments and an in-depth look at the tempestuous nature of the hospitality industry. We're guessing that it will mainly feature small family-owned business willing to learn from Ramsay's high standards and harsh teaching methods. 

We've all had a less-than-perfect hotel experience.
What advice would you give to a struggling hotel trying to improve itself?

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