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Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Butterfield & Robinson's E-Bikes

It's no secret: we love Butterfield & Robinson. So we were pretty excited yesterday when their email newsletter arrived with a special announcement. The company, which offers active luxury travel adventures by foot and bicycle, has added a new form of transportation to its portfolio: the electric-assisted bicycle or "e-bike."

These e-bikes are a far cry from Vespas or mopeds. For starters, they're battery-powered and recharge at night, meaning you won't be puffing noxious fumes and noise pollution behind you as you go. You pedal the bike normally until daunted by a particularly steep hill, at which point you can allow an assist option to kick in to help you along. As the folks at B&R put it,
That means there’s no compromising on having as active a holiday as you want while getting a little boost when you need it most. The way we see it, they’re designed to flatten the hills and ease the challenge of those all too common ascents that define many of our European itineraries. Yes, be damned you mighty hills! You’ll confidently and comfortably scale those lofty heights from southern France to Tuscany to the Dalmatian Coast, and do it all in that classic B&R style that you’ve always loved.
We're looking forward to hearing feedback about this new bike! Biking is the best way to get a new perspective on your travels, and this is a brilliant way to conquer those challenging landscapes.

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