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Thursday, February 23, 2012

Travel headlines we'd like to see

Photo credit: Travel Channel
Back in September we did a fun little piece about travel-themed tv shows that we want to see (“Pretty Little Fliers,” “Flight of the Dreamliners,” etc.). Imagine our surprise when we came across this article with promo pictures for a new show: Hotel Impossible. Okay, so it's not called "Extreme Hotel Makeover" as we predicted, but other than that, it fits our description from six months ago: 
Take a look behind the scenes as a different resort each week races to complete their renovation before low season ends. From outrageous color palettes to sassy designers, this inspiring weekly series will soon have you shouting “Move! That! Ski Lift!”
Since our clairvoyance powers are seemingly real, here are some fantasy travel news headlines we'd like to see in the next six months*:

*These are not real. :(

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