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Thursday, September 1, 2011

Travel TV

You may have seen ads for ABC's new prime time drama Pan Am, or as we like to call it, Mad Men On A Plane. It's got us thinking: which other tv shows ought to be reimagined for the travel industry?  (Not) coming soon, to a tv near you:

The R.C.
The show centers on Aiden Von Sutton, the newly-hired doorman at a Ritz-Carlton hotel on the California coast. Will Aiden be able to reconcile his troubled past with the glitz, glamor, and impeccable customer service of his new workplace? 

Abercrombie & Kent
Ethan Abercrombie’s a no-nonsense homicide detective with a dark past. Persephone Kent is a gutsy freelance undercover reporter with a story of her own that she’s not telling. Together, they travel the world, solving mysteries in a new exotic locale each week.

Flight of the Dreamliners
Worlds collide when the new United Auckland-Houston flight brings Kiwi charm to Texas in this quirky, off-beat comedy. As two struggling musicians try to make it in the land of heat and humidity, they are grateful for the direct route to their homeland.

Extreme Hotel Makeover
Take a look behind the scenes as a different resort each week races to complete their renovation before low season ends. From outrageous color palettes to sassy designers, this inspiring weekly series will soon have you shouting “Move! That! Ski Lift!”

Pretty Little Fliers
When their friend disappears from the Unaccompanied Minor lounge of the Pittsburgh airport, it’s up to a group of teenage girls to investigate. Receiving a courtesy call from an unknown source leads them closer finding their friend, yet also brings to light a series of long-hidden secrets that no UM should have to face.

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