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Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Loire valley chateaux by bike

Flickr photo (Creative Commons) by ell brown
What better way to explore the historic Loire valley than on a bike?  It's been said that the average human riding a bicycle goes about the same speed as a horse pulling a carriage, which really imparts a sense of time and space as it was during the age of kings and queens.  

Surrounded by farmland, deep, dark woods, and charming cobble stoned hamlets, the Loire valley chateau circuit lends itself perfectly to exploration.  There are a number of fantastic tour companies with multiple-day itineraries so that you and your family can get an in-depth look at the stunning architecture, breathtaking natural vistas, and daily village life of the region.  Kids as young as 5 can go, with less experienced riders on tandem bikes with a parent. 

Give us a call or visit to start planning your own France bike adventure!

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