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Friday, January 28, 2011

Travel News Roundup

This week in travel...

  • "It only takes a week lying on a beach to remind ourselves just how boring lying on a beach can be."  New research suggests that what we think we want out of our vacations differs from what we actually want. 
  • The color-coded Homeland Security Advisory system (orange since 2006) will be replaced this April by a new  National Terror Advisory System that will focus on specific threats in geographical areas. 
  •  Facing federal budget deficits, European governments are selling historic state-owned properties, including Sherwood forest and a monastery near Venice. 
  • Warning!  Do not read before, during, or after your next meal!  TripAdvisor releases its 2011 Dirtiest Hotels list-- gross!
  • More and more, hotels are turning to technology to entice guests.  Whether it's a concierge who tweets, an iPad to order room service, or digital cameras available for loan, this is a virtual arms race of high-tech amenities. 

Each Friday, we gather the week's news articles relating to luxury travel and trending topics that sparked our interest.  If you see an article that you'd like to share, please email!

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