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Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Essential Apps for Travel

Some of us might be the tiniest bit dependent on technology, and for certain among us, having Google maps with a built-in "you are here" has been life-changing. Here are some of our favorite apps for traveling.
  • Flight Update Pro: Provides flight status, gate numbers, Google Map flight tracking, and FAA alerts.
  • Babelingo Translated Phrases: An 11-language phrasebook for easy communication when you’re abroad.
  • Recommended Kid Games: Keeps kids amused during long plane rides.
  • Currency: Provides up-to-date exchange rates and a currency converter. 
  • Word Lens:  An augmented reality app that translates in real time and space.
  • TripAdvisor:  Take a "virtual walk" through your destination and get interactive hotel reviews along with restaurant and activity recommendations. 
(Be sure to check out our tips on avoiding roaming fees when traveling abroad.)
    Which apps have you found useful when traveling?  Share them with us by leaving a comment on our facebook page!

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