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Friday, July 22, 2011

"City Favorites" Fridays

Photos by joyosity  and Brent Ozar.
As I know is true for many urban natives throughout the country, I possess a great deal of pride for “my” city. I believe Chicago-style deep dish pizza is the only pizza that matters and a hot dog should never be adorned with ketchup.

I also know that the true reason we’re called the “Windy City” has nothing to do with how gusty it can be (and believe me, it CAN be quite gusty), along with a broad gamut of interesting information about Chicago. 

So, when it comes to talking to visitors to our amazing city and answering the ultimate trio of travel questions: 1. “what is there to do?”, 2. “where should we stay?”, 3. “what should we eat?”, I’m always happy to share. And, as I’ve found, so are most other Chicagoans you’ll come across, especially those in the travel, tourism, and service industries.

We here at FROSCH are lucky to know a lot of experts in the field, from hotel concierges to tour guides, and everyone in between. And now, every Friday here at FROSCH Insider, we’ll be sharing our insider tips, tricks, and connections for enjoying our favorite U.S. cities, starting with “My Kind of Town”-- Chicago!

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