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Thursday, September 8, 2011

Voluntourism with Crystal

Crystal Cruises has joined the wave of volontourism, a growing trend among travelers to take action to donate some vacation time to assist people in need and give back to the region  they’re visiting.

Crystal’s program, called “You Care, We Care” takes the form of eight distinct shore excursions that double as hands-on volunteer opportunities. These programs are free of charge and put guest and crew together to benefit shore-based philanthropic organizations, such as a burn rehab center in Peru, a zoological garden in Germany, and an orphanage in Fiji. The program began in January 2011 and will continue on all cruises in 2012. Here’s more information about Crystal’s “You Care, We Care.”

Way to go, Crystal Cruises!

1 comment:

  1. Thank-you, Frosch, for sharing the news about our program! We just wanted to point out that the eight excursions referenced are simply the latest ones added to the program for this fall--we've actually been offering a "You Care, We Care" voluntourism opportunity on every cruise this year, and will continue to do so through 2012, with dozens of different ways to give back in destinations around the world. We appreciate you helping encourage travelers to take part!


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