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Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Caught in the act!

Animal lovers everywhere will recognize the mischievous glint in the eyes of this lioness as she decides that this video camera, set up by Tswalu photographers to capture footage of the Kalahari wildlife, now belongs to her. What big teeth! Here's how it went down: 
Photographer Roger de la Harpe, of Africa Imagery, has been shooting at Tswalu Kalahari for his book about African lions. He wanted to get some close up shots with a small digital video camera so placed it where he knew a pride of lions would soon be passing. As expected the lions came into view. Unexpectedly, and to the horror of Roger who was watching from a distance, one of the lionesses showed an unhealthy interest in the camera. She licked it, gave it a good sniff and then picked it up in her mouth and ran off with it (Via Tswalu Kalahari Blog)
Incidentally, Tswalu, a private game reserve in South Africa, happens to be one of our favorite places to recommend to those looking for an amazing safari experience. It's home to the Malori Sleep Out Deck, known as "the best bed in Africa" and a luxurious outdoor loo with an incredible view. Perhaps as you shower under the stars you'll catch a glimpse of this camera-toting lioness!

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