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Thursday, January 19, 2012

FROSCH in the news: Hot Times in Iceland

Photo by Flickr user pocius.
FROSCH travel consultant Kathy Gobbel (from our Ellicott City, Maryland office) was interviewed for an article on Iceland! She sets the record straight about Iceland's misleading name and talks about its growing population as a travel destination:

“Iceland is a misnomer,” says Kathy Gobbel of Frosch International Travel in Ellicott City. It’s actually Greenland that is icy and Iceland that is green, explains the travel specialist.
Experiencing only modest snowfall in winter, Iceland temperatures are warmer than New York’s. Summer temperatures generally range in the 60s — providing a reprieve from the hazy, hot and humid Baltimore-Washington Corridor climate. Gobbel says Iceland is a great stopover trip for people traveling to Europe, and that many international business travelers take advantage of a day or two in Iceland on their way to other European cities. Icelandair offers a free stopover to Reykjavik, the airline’s hub, for up to seven days.

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