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Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Today's Travel News

Honestly, if this video doesn't have you lacing up your hiking boots, nothing will!  It's part of the Muir Project and was shot by a group of artists last summer as they hiked the Muir Trail, a 219-mile trek in the Sierra Nevada mountain range in California:
The intent was to capture their experience on the trail and bring it back to the general public in the form of a gallery exhibit including photographs, video installations and hands-on displays that allow visitors to truly get a feeling for the beauty and majesty of the trail without the burning lungs and blisters.
 A TSA agent working at Newark Liberty International airport is being praised for returning the $5000 cash he found on the floor. Perhaps this is a turning point for the TSA's less than stellar reputation. 

Google Maps plays a huge role here at FROSCH, whether we're sending driving directions or city details to clients or figuring out the fastest way to get to a new restaurant during our lunch hour. This article on the evolving design of Google Maps is an intriguing read. It's amazing how much has changed and improved over the years, all through subtle changes that we've barely noticed. 

Over at CN Traveler, blogger Joanna Goddard has an idea to make your next flight a little more comfortable and maybe a little bit glamourous: Pack a plane picnic with your favorite treats rather than rely on airport fast food or expensive onboard offerings. Among her suggestions: 
Runny cheese, good crackers, hard salumi, plump prunes, pistachios, and dark chocolate. For drinks, I recommend packing a few mini-bar-sized bottles of your favorite spirit, like scotch or bourbon. They're under the fluid ounce limit and so much better than the brands airlines carry.
That even makes economy sound tolerable!

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